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Essay writing skills…read more

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Main Skills
Knowledge and Understanding
­ Includes names of theorists and their studies,
concepts and ideas
Interpretation and Application, Evaluation
­ Interpret and idea and apply sociological evidence
to support ideas. Evaluation occurs through
outlining strengths and weaknesses…read more

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The question
You need to make sure you understand the
question and the key tasks within it. What is
the question asking you to do?
If it is asking you to examine, this is code for
explain! You need to go tough all the relevant
points and unpick them.
Assess means to make a judgment, not a
personal on but you need to evaluate the
topic.…read more

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The question
Underline the relevant points, these need to
be addressed in the introduction.
Examine the different explanations for the
rise in the divorce rate.
Assess the view that divorce rates have risen
because divorces are now easier to obtain.…read more

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Plan your answer
Sounds boring but will mean that your
answer is structured. It needs to flow to get
good grades.
­ Introduction
­ 5 paragraphs, each approximately 8 lines, think
about what you are going to put in the paragraph.
­ Conclusion…read more

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This should address the question being
Include a definition of terms stated in the
essay title
An indication of the approach to the essay.
Thy not to write `in this essay I will....'…read more

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