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I gave this my students to help them write General Studies Essays. Could, however, be applied to various subjects such as Geography for example.

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Level 5 Clear and concise analysis and significant
additional research.
Level 4 Clear analysis based on sources and research with
well-developed conclusions.
Level 3 Cross-referencing, developed points and
Level 2 Some development of points
Level 1 Simple, undeveloped points.
KEY SKILL: Writing Essays
Writing essays can seem fairly daunting at first, but think of them like you are
putting together a cake; it is all about a good
structure and adding extras to make yours
stand out.
Follow the Point, Evidence, Explanation (PEE)
method to keep your structure clear and
What is the point you are making? Why are you
making that point? What does that point mean? How does it link to
the question?
In General Studies, additional research really makes your essay shine. Think
about facts, figures and quotes that you could use to make your essay that
bit better; but don't use so many that you miss the point completely.
Remember the cake method; too much decoration makes your cake a bit
Your intro should be concise. Don't waffle on about how fantastic your
favourite sport is if the question is asking you whether sport plays a positive

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role in society. Get to the point: Define any key words, throw in a figure
with a `wow-factor' to grab the examiner, and move on to your first point.
Remember to keep your arguments well balanced; however you should come
to some form of a conclusion at the end. If the question is whether you agree
with a statement, evaluate the statement throughout but remember to say
whether you do agree or not in the conclusion.…read more


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