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Poetry from other cultures
and traditions: planning and
introducing your essay

Paper 2: Section A
Worth 15% of the English
Language GCSE

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Poems from the anthology:
cluster 2
Search for My Tongue
Unrelated Incidents
Love After Love
This Room
Not my Business
Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan
Hurricane Hits England

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Essay planning
The experience of examiners and teachers tells us
that essays written with plans are better than essays
written without them.

Some tips about planning
Thinking time is NOT wasting time.

Planning is NOT wasting time.

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It doesn't matter if you don't stick to your

The process is more important than the

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How should you write a plan?

A spider diagram/ brainstorm is NOT a plan.

Spider diagrams are useful as a way of generating
ideas and getting ideas on paper but they do not help
you to organize your ideas.

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An example of a spider-diagram
type plan

You are about to see the plan one student began
when asked to describe a park.

How do you think his writing would be structured if
he used this plan?

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swings trees


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Students who have created spider-diagrams tend to
deal with each point in the clockwise order in which it
appears on the spider-diagram.

This means that points are not grouped together and
comparisons and connections are missed.

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If you do use a spider-diagram you then need
to number your ideas or re-write them into a
structured plan.

You cannot even get a grade D unless your
ideas are organised into paragraphs so your
plan should indicate where you will begin
each new paragraph.

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For example

Paragraph 1 ­ where it is
Paragraph 2 ­ the playground area (includes slide
and swings)
Paragraph 3 ­ attractive and good for wildlife
(includes trees, flowers, animals)
Paragraph 4 ­ why I like it

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