Essay Plans for utilitarianism

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Essay Plans for utilitarianism
Mills Utilitarianism
Pleasure should be distinguished in terms of quality
Higher pleasures more valuable Create standard for morality
Moral obligation to others
Rule utilitarianism
Defend human rights
Higher/ Lower pleasures
Higher ­ mind e.g. reading
Lower body e.g. eating sleeping
Will automatically prefer higher
"It is better to be a human dissatisfied than a pig satisfied"
Hanging= bad because lower but Bentham would agree
P1: each person desires their own happiness
P2: therefore everyone ought to aim his happiness
P3:therefore everyone should aim at the happiness of everyone
Desire virtue because is conductive to happiness
happiness is the only thing we desire for its own sake
Moral obligations
inculcated in us by society e.g. self sacrifice for others
Rule Utilitarianism
general rules for society to benefit
consequences can be anticipated on basis of past experience
Hose usage in drought doesn't benefit society
Bentham's Utilitarianism
Hedonist pleasure to the excess: Happiness= pleasure minus pain
Concerned with social issues of the time hospital & prison
Principle of Utility
"The greatest good for the greatest number"
Humans motivated by greatest happiness
Boyfriend on new year's eve friends/ gf?: friends because majority
Torture bomber to reveal where bomb is= right because it will save many people
Hedonic Calculus (DR PRICE)

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7 elements to consider
Tattoo example: not intense because of pain, duration is long because it is permanent, not
certain you will always like it etc.…read more


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