Essay Plan for Sexual Selection and Parental Investment

To be used when user already knows the content of the course.

This is an abbreviated essay plan which i used in preparation for my A2 Psychology exam for the AQA exam board.

This was made to refresh memory and for structure.

It is probably not what you're looking for if you want to know details of each study.

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Essay Plan 4 ­ Gender differences in Sexual Selection and Parental

SEXUAL SELECTION: Define Intrasexual selection: males compete for females
Intersexual selection: females pick those with best
traits/advantages traits/advantages to pass on to offspring
Men evolved mechanisms to ensure success of ST mating:
Casual Sex and seeking it…

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Strong IS is a good trait to pass on to offspring.
Best mating strat ­ marry fem faces man (good parent) and
h have affair with masc faced man when most fertile to ensure o
ensure offspring with best genes
Links with cuckoldry in PI as men are at risk…


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