Essay Plan for Maintenance of Relationships

To be used when user already knows the content of the course.

This is an abbreviated essay plan which i used in preparation for my A2 Psychology exam for the AQA exam board.

This was made to refresh memory and for structure.

It is probably not what you're looking for if you want to know details of each study.

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Essay plan 2 ­ Two explanations for the maintenance of s
SOC EX THEORY: Define Thibaut & Kelley (1959)
Profit & Loss [maximise rewards minimise costs] =exchanges
$ Rusbult & Martz (1995) ­ women who stay in abusive s
because situation is because sit still profitable (if alts are low and invests high)
Synoptic - Gender bias = what about men?
Behavioural/reductionist = bio reason (prot) for staying?
Comparison level [expers & expects] & CL for alternative
$ Simpson et al (1990) ­ reduce threats by giving lower
Synoptic ­ Method = self report, social desirability
W Duck & Sants (1983) ­ Too much focus on ind's perspective,
I instead of social aspects of like communication
W Selfish, hedonistic nature of theory
Synoptic ­ Culture bias = non w) cs are not selfish Moghaddam
W Doesn't explain why some leave s with no alternative
W How great a diff in CL must there be to become dissat?
EQUITY: Define Walster et al (1978)
Inequity & Distress ... give lots/rec little & give little/rec lots
Messick & Cook (1983) ­ strive to achieve fairness in s
Ratio of inputs & outputs ­ NOT equality, need to restore: 3
$ Stafford & Canary (2006) ­ sat highest in eq > overben p
Synoptic - Behavioural = easily test 2 vs, estab cause and effect
Real couples = high mundane realism
Method = Self report, appear `happily married' - norms
W Clark & Mills (1979) ­ Not all about economics, e
exchange [R&C] communal s [needs/balance out]
W DeMaris (2007) ­ Only W feeling under-benefited mattered
RWA)) research into women when looking at sat
Synoptic - Method = self report, exaggeration
Culture bias = can't generalise to non w) cs ­others needs
W Ragsdale & Brandau-Brown (2007) ­ Reject eq as key in
"An incomplete rendering of the way in which married
people behave with respect to each other"
G W Steil & Weltman (1991) ­ m/f judge ineq diff

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