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Cosmological arguments
seek to argue for the existence of God based on what we experience of the world and
universe we live in.
establish what caused everything to be here, or how the world and the universe began.
Ways 1&2 unmoved mover & uncaused causer
Concerned with why there is any motion or causation Copleston called this an
`ontologically ultimate cause'
First mover which causes everything else to exist
God is the first efficient cause of the universe
Rejects infinite regression
God is a pure act
Way 3:argument for contingency
God necessarily exists
The argument from first causes: Whatever exists is here, because something else has
caused it to be here (for example, children are here because of their parents). Things
cannot cause themselves to exist (for example, children cannot give birth to themselves).
There cannot be a neverending (infinite) chain of causes. God is the first cause of
everything here.
The argument from motion: Things move (or become something else), because
something moves them to do so. It is impossible for motion in the universe to have
always been happening, so it must have begun somewhere (and somehow). There
cannot be a neverending (infinite) chain of events. God is the first mover of everything
David Hume
Every event has a cause?
The fallacy of composition
Whole universe has a cause just because everything within it does?
No proof of God
The Russell Copleston debate agree to disagree in the end
Reformulated 3rd way & Leibniz sufficient cause God is his own sufficient cause &
Universe can be sufficiently explained by reference to God
God different from contingent beings `his own sufficient cause'
There is a point explaining why there is a universe
Hierarchy of causes God at top uncaused sufficient cause

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Universe& things within it contingent= relies on God
"if one does not even sit down at the chessboard, one can not be check mated"
Explanation of universe exists is beyond human comprehension
Unnecessary to have a sufficient explanation
It's just there
Quantum transitionscause themselves
Just because things in universe contingent universe isn't = skipping steps
"humans have mothers but the human race doesn't have a mother that's a different
logical sphere"…read more


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