Essay on What it means to be chinese

Essay on What it means to be chinese

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What does it mean to be Chinese?
China is a huge nation with around 1.3 billion people living and working around the county.
With overpopulated citys and modern day civilization kicking in, it becomes increasingly
harder to determine the orgional culture of china. Many Chinese people are becoming
modernized and adapting to twenty first century behaviour and habits, but what does it mean
to be truly Chinese?
Schooling in china is very similar to England, and run from seven thirty am to five pm
depending on the age group and the school. These schools however, give their children 2
hours for a lunch break, which beats any of our 1 hour breaks in England. Also, like England
(unlike America and Canada) the Chinese have to wear school uniform to show equality, and
they too have 3 different schools, known as the schooling process. They have a nursery,
primary and secondary school, the nursery is equivelant to our reception years. Not everyone
can go to secondary school (a mix between sixth form and secondary school (equivelant to
us)) as they have to pass a test, which is done at the end of the school year, to determine who
can go to high school and who cannot. Nursarys run for 3 years, meaning children start
primary school at around 8 years old. This school carries on for 6 years meaning there are
children at the age of 14 taking a test that could, in effect, change their lives forever. If the
children do not pass the test they have to go to work, 30% of students do not pass this test.
The Chinese economy is one of the worlds leading economies, in fact it is the second largest,
it is very big in trade around the world, which is probably the reason why china is known
world wide. Labour is done cheaply here so the 30% of children who do not get into high
schools can do this work, this enables china to sell and produce things cheaply as the children
do not want/expect much. China also has a good work ethic, so they have the drive to carry
on working, the 1.3 billion people in china help towards making china great. In the trade
industry they generally work on mechanical, transportational and equiptment related objects.
These vary though as they also produce apple products and mcdonalds toys. China has a stream
of shops called sweatshops which employs children aged 13 and up, this contributes to the
highest 14-18 year old employment statistics in the world. With 50% of the Chinese work
force being men, and the other 50% being a mixture of women and under 18's, there is no
suprise that China has the second largest economy and is able to sell things very cheaply.
China has a one child polict, which is in place due to its densly overpopulated cities and
suburbs. If this policy is broken, funes are placed for parents who have been irresponsible in
birth control usage and pregnancy planning and prevention. Many parents struggle with the
economical climax and ½ of China's children spend most of their time with their grandparents,
whilst their parents work, this statistic is around ¾ in Beijing. Not only do parents neglect
their children but would much rather prefer a boy to a girl as they have a more promising and
brighter future. These are based on the fact that a boy can carry on the family name and get a
better job. However, there are far too many boys in China compared to girls, which is causing
a lack of relationships and increasingly more boys dying single with no child. From the

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Chinese food has always been the same, and holds the same all around ingredients, concepts
and tastes. Chinese food has a lot of herbs and spices in them to boost flavours and nutritional
benifits and values. In the making of food the Chinese believe of a concept called `the power
of 5' as it is believed to them happiness and wealthiness, and they believe the number 5 is
lucky for people. By putting these 5 ingredients into their food they believe all this will
happen.…read more


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