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Ladies and gentlemen, I address you today on behalf of my constituents to bring to
light a travesty which haunts this country every day of every week. An unmissable and
unforgivable chapter of abuse and unacceptable behaviour, on children and women, in
their place of work we must stop…

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a machine accident and unfortunately made him lose all 10 of his fingers. This shows
how dangerous working in a factory could be. Also how low the health and safety levels
are at. These men and women go to work to earn money not to lose limbs or break

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was fined 1 shilling ­ because she is six her mother had to pay. This meant that her
family went hungry that week as they could not afford to buy any more bread. Being
fined for being unclean is an outrage! How can these children be expected to be clean…

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improved, as it links in with everything else factory's currently stand for! Having
unhygienic food causes illness and sometimes death, which employers do not like, and
do not want happening. Ways in which the employer could improve food qualities are by
getting a table in which the workers can sit…

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idea the children get educated first! This is a real upstart to their lives and should be

A lot of them have some harsh factory rules but there has been sources saying that a
man called Richard Arkwright is building small homes for his staff, churches and
expects his…

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shown, as John Doherty says, "Obviously we want kids to make good
decisions, and if left unsupervised, we don't want them going down the
wrong path." Supervision is needed, help and guidance, discipline and punishment,
but only to help these children in the great lives they could lead. Thank you.


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