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How Do Geomorphic Processes Affect the Holderness Coast?
The Holderness Coast

The Holderness Coast is on the east coast of
England and is 61 km long. It begins at
Flamborough and the southern end is Spurn
Point. The shape of the land is curved inwards
ending in a spit at…

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complies with many regulations about the environment and making the beach
a safer, more `people friendly' place.

Being built on softer boulder clay; Hornsea is susceptible to coastal erosion
and, like the rest of the Holderness coast, is eroding at a rapid rate. The coastal
defences began in the early…

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bands of different types of rock. The softer rocks are eroded quickly, forming
bays, whereas the hard rocks take longer so they stick out, making headlands.
It is home to some of the most spectacular chalk cliffs in Britain. It is an area
popular to bird watchers, hikers and other…

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from Mappleton is no longer moved along the coast, again causing an artificial
headland effect.

Farmers on the stretch of coast
directly south of Mappleton suffer
financially due to their land
decreasing rapidly. Some have had
to destroy farm buildings where
livestock were kept and there have
been instances where…


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