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Family marital breakdown Family patterns
Key features Key features
Definition of family Definition of family
Murdock Murdock
Changes in divorce laws Changes in divorce laws
Changes in number of children Changes in number of children
Role of women Role of women
Theories Theories
Functionalism Functionalism
serves function serves function
harmony harmony
Murdock Murdock
Parsons Parsons
New Right perspective New Right perspective
Advantage Advantage
Disadvantage Disadvantage
Feminism Feminism
Male stream Male stream
Radical feminists Radical feminists
Marxist feminists Marxist feminists
Advantage Advantage
Disadvantage Disadvantage
Study 1 Study 1
The family and marriage in Britain World Revolution and Family Patterns
1966 William Goode 1963
Findings Findings
increase in divorce due to an increase in expectations industrialisation the reason for undermining extended family

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Strengths Strengths
recognises and explains changes in divorce rates recognises change within industrial society
recognises increased opportunities of women in areas such as recognises the growth of services such as welfare state has reduced the
employment, conjugal roles and divorce number of functions performed by the family
hence 75% of divorces filed by women Weaknesses
Weaknesses criticised for arguing the nuclear family is the most suitable form of family
criticised by feminists for overstating improvements made by women ignores the negative aspect of the nuclear…read more


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