Essay plan- to what extent did Charles II fulfill expectations that existed for his Restoration

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To what extent did Charles II fulfil the expectations that existed for
his Restoration in the years 16601667?
Traditional rule of the monarch resorted Fulfilled
The ordinances from Cromwell were removed
Prerogative power was restored (Charles had control of militia, army rule ended)
Wardship and Purveyance were lost for good
Some Protectorate legislation was left in place, such as the navigation act
Royalists who lost land had wanted it back (land settlement) Fulfilled
Charles was wise to leave this to parliament
Royalists were likely to get their land back
Religious expectations Nonconformists=unhappy _
People expected Charles to be highly religious, but he was immoral and had a
sexy court life
Religious toleration was partly conceded to at the Worcester House meeting
But when the cavalier parliament was elected they thought England needed a
more narrow Anglican Church
Clarendon code reduced toleration and created a more Anglican church
Anglicanism was seen as essential to a King (they went hand in hand)
Justice for the regicides Provided justice but also leniency
Lamberts uprising failed
Regicides were prosecuted (most hanged, drawn and quartered)
The conventicle act was used to stop non conformists
Charles did give indemnity to a lot of republicans
On the (very small) plus side, England did gain new world colonies of New Jersey
and New York, which in the long run turned out to beneficial
The marriage was unsuccessful, due to Catherine being barren and Portugal
gained more than England in the marriage (helped get independence for
Portugal but nothing for England)
Second Dutch war was a failure only one win on St. James' day. Failures every
other battle such as Medway
The failure of the Dutch war had an adverse effect on Charles and Parliament
(Clarendon had to be used as a scapegoat)


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