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How successful was Cromwell's rule as Lord Protectorate?
Lasting political settlement FAILURE
Cromwell desires were very different from Parliament
Major Generals was very unpopular and eventually failed
Constant questioning of Army influence
Instrument was never ratified army made
Humble petition was opposed
Godly nation mainly executed by the major generals, also a contributing factor
to why the major generals were so unpopular
Liberty of conscience one of Cromwell's four fundamentals
Naylor Case (1656) Cromwell defended liberty of conscience by protecting
Naylor from Parliament
Unofficially allowed Jews back into the country from 1656 onwards
Popularity of the Protectorate _ SUCCESS
Very little uprisings
Penruddock's (1655) was the only major one and that was defeated
relatively easily
Sexby plot was thwarted (1658)
Army did oppose the Humble petition and the naming Cromwell as King(which is
one of the contributing factors to why he didn't take the Crown but he was never
going to lose the army support)
Foreign Policy SUCCESS
The Dutch war and the navigation act (1651) were a success
There was an increase in England's military reputation across Europe that had
been severely damaged by the civil war.
Weakened the Spanish influence ­ captured treasure ships by Tenner Reef and
Although the western design did failure it led to the acquisition of Jamaica which
was good in the long run.

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