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Erickson's theory of
psychological development
Labiba…read more

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One of the main elements of Erickson's theory
is the development of ego identity
· Ego identity ­ Conscious sense of self that we
develop through social interactions
· According to Erickson our ego identity is
changing due to new experiences and
· Erickson also believed sense of competence
also motivates behaviour…read more

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Erickson's stage theory is concerned with
becoming competent in an area of life
· If each stage is handled well, a person will feel
sense of mastery, "ego strength" or "ego
· If stage managed poorly the person will
emerge with feeling of inadequacy…read more

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Stage 1
If stage managed Occurs between
poorly ­ Sensory birth and 1year of
distortion / age and is most
withdrawal fundamental stage
in life
Trust vs.
potential positive
outcomes from
crisis ­ Hope and
drive…read more

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Stage 2
If stage managed Takes place during
poorly ­ early childhood and
Impulsivity / focused on
Compulsion development of
sense of personal
Autonomy control
vs. Shame
and doubt
potential positive
outcomes from
crisis ­ Willpower
and self-control…read more

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Stage 3
If stage managed During preschool
poorly ­ years children
Ruthlessness / assert their power
Inhibition and control world
through directing
play and other
Initiative vs. social interactions
potential positive
outcomes from
crisis ­ Purpose and
direction…read more

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