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Equity Theory
(Walster et al 1979)
By Mahnoor Khan…read more

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Inequality and Distress
Social ces
Exchan Individuals Aim to:
e their
rewards…read more

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Messick and Cook
They feel
People aim to Otherwise...
as they
achieve fairness .
unfairness…read more

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Inequity = Distress
Someone who puts a great deal into their relationship and
receives little in return, perceives inequity
Someone who puts little into their relationship and receives
a great deal in return, perceive inequity
Greater the inequity-> Greater the dissatisfaction -> Greater
the distress…read more

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Equity = Satisfaction
Stafford and Canary (2006)
Aim- To find whether equity in a relationship is
correlated with satisfaction
Procedure- Ask 200 married couples to fill out a
questionnaire on measures of equity and
relationship satisfaction
Findings-Satisfaction was highest in couples who
perceived their relationship to be equitable ,
followed by over benefited couples. Those who had
inequitable relationships scored lowest
satisfaction…read more

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Ratio of inputs and outputs
Equity Equali
= ty…read more

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