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Concentration Constants

equilibrium constant (kc) = [[reactants

Pressure Constants
equilibrium constant (kp) = pp (reactants)

Strong & Weak Acids & Bases

A strong acid is an acid which is totally ionised in aqueous solution forming hydrate hydrogen
ions, H3O+

A weak acid is an acid that is…

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H2O + H2O H3O + + OH-

I onic product of water (kw) = [H +][OH - ]

pH Scales

pH =- log[H +]

[H +] = e-pH

pKw, pOH & pKa

p means `the negative log of'

pK w =- logK w K w = pH + pOH =…

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The pH of weak acids can be calculated in the same way as the acid dissociation constant.
acid dissociation constant (ka) = [HA]

You would use the concentration at equilibrium.

Diprotic acids would produce two hydrogen ions per molecule e.g. sulphuric acid.

pH of Weak Bases

The pH of…


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