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climate…read more

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In green you can see the location of the particular climate which is sometimes refered
to as the tropical climate.…read more

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It is very hot
It is very wet
Because it is located Because warm air that
near the equator carries moisture causes
where it's the rain.
Usually receive over
As its being hit at a
2000mm of rain.
more direct angle.…read more

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Climate graph
The climate graph shows :
Temperature: They stay fairly
constant throughout the year the
range of temperature is only a
few degrees.
Precipitation: Constant rainfall
throughout the year with the
most being in December
(220mm).…read more

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Advantages of the climate
· The heat and rain allows a variety of different
plants to grow.
· The conditions allow the plants to grow
· It is an ecosystem for many animals.…read more

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· Often considered too hot for human
· Roads can't be built there because the forest
is thick.
· It is a remote area
· Not many ways for money to be made…read more


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