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P2 Equations
Speed (m/s) = distance ÷ time taken (s)
Acceleration (m/s2) = change in speed (m/s) ÷ time taken (s)
Distance travelled (meters) = Area under graph (velocity time graph)
Resultant force (newton, N) = mass (kg) × acceleration (m/s2)
Weight (N) = mass (kg) × gravitational field strength (N/kg)
Weight (N) = mass (kg) x acceleration due to gravity (m/s2) (about 10m/s2)
Work done (joule, J) = force (newton, N) × distance (metre, m)
Momentum (kg m/s) = mass (kg) × velocity (m/s)
(momentum of bullet = mass × velocity)
Kinetic energy (J) = 1/2 × mass (kg) × speed2 (m/s)
Speed (m/s) = 2KE ÷ M
Mass (Kg) = 2KE ÷ M2
Force (N) = change in momentum (kg m/s) ÷ time taken for change (s)
Potential difference (volt, V) = current (ampere, A) × resistance (ohm, )
Power (w) = energy transformed (J) ÷ time (s)

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Power (watts) = current (amps) x potential difference (volts)
Charge (coulomb, C) = current (ampere, A) × time (second, s)
Energy transformed (joule, J) = potential difference (volt, V) × charge (coulomb, C)…read more


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