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Definitions ( taken from H+SC Lvl 3 Book 1, Beryl Stretch and Mary Whitehouse):

Equality Being equal, especially in rights, status or opportunities. All individuals
should be treated equally, and there are laws in place to make sure that this
happens. In accordance with the law, organisations have equality policies…

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treatment. Could involve talking to patients about what they're entitled to, side effects of
medicine they're taking, or medical procedure they may be having.

Difference Related to diversity. Individuals need to be acknowledged and valued for
who they are. Applies to colleagues and service users alike.

Discrimination Unlawful within Britain.…

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continuing to smoke will give them lung cancer or family of Jehovah's witnesses that do
not believe in blood transfusions but whose son needs one to live (in this scenario the
choice could be taken away from parents). Respect must be a constant no matter what
the user's beliefs.


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think health and social care services are too controlling and you need to find a way to
deal with these people too.

Independence Working with people to ensure they have an independent life, without
others telling them what to do, is vital. It's empowering people. Should work with
individual not…


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