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Starter: In 30 words
describe what an
enzyme is!…read more

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Enzyme facts
They are all proteins
Each enzyme controls one
particular reaction substrate
They can be used again and again.
They are affected by temperature.
They are affected by pH.
They are biological catalists…read more

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What commercial uses of enzymes
can you think of?
Making cheese
Flavor of food
Reagent strip stick
Washing powders…read more

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Washing power investigation
In this experiment, you will compare different
washing powders to see how well they remove
stains. Each group will use a different powder and
the results will be compared at the end.
pieces of clean cloth stained with ketchup
washing powders
stirring rod
eye protection…read more

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Measure out 5 g of one of the washing powders.
Add the washing powder to 100 cm heated water
and stir to dissolve.
Add the stained cloth.
Leave the cloth to soak (to keep the water at 40 °C by
placing the beaker back into the water bath).
After 20 minutes, remove the cloth and rinse in cold
Leave the cloth to dry.
Compare the cloth with one that has not been
washed and with other types of washing powder.
Record in a suitable table how clean the cloth is by
awarding it a mark from 1 to 10 (10 being completely…read more

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