Enzymes: B1.2.6, B1.2.7, B1.2.8: AQA

Biology Unit 1: Chapter 2:

Pages 2.6, 2.7, 2.8 in the textbook, on chapter 2 unit 1. Check my powerpoint here which is based on these Q&A type revision notes.

I use the power point to revise (I have a whiteboard, so do lots of brainstorming, etc) and then use the documents to test myself. They might be a bit useless on their own.

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2.6 Enzyme action
1. How do enzymes speed up chemical reactions?
2. How does the structure of enzyme molecules relate to their function?
3. What is the lock and key model of an enzyme?
4. What is the induced-fit model of enzyme reaction.
5. Explain why changing one of the…

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1. Enzymes work by lowering the activation energy, allowing reactions to take place with lower
temperatures, and metabolic processes to occur rapidly.

2. Enzymes have an active site that is made up of few amino acids, like a depression within the molecule. The
subtstrate and enzyme combine neatly here,…


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