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And their inhibitors
AS level biology…read more

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Contents page
· AREAS COVERED-enzymes and enzyme
· Slide 3-12 enzymes
· Slide 13-18 competitive and non-competitive
· Slide 19 the Biuret test (brief)…read more

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Enzymes- and what effects them…read more

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· Activation energy- energy required to about a
reaction. This is lowered by the presence on
an enzyme
· Active site- a group of amino acids that make
up the region on an enzyme into which the
substrate fits in order to catalyse a reaction
· Biuret test- et used for the test of proteins
(included here as enzymes are proteins)…read more

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· denaturation permanent changes due to unravelling of
the 3d structure of an enzyme result of factors like
temperature change or pH change.
· Enzyme- a protein or an RNA that acts as a catalyst and
so alters the speed of a biological reaction.
· Peptide bond- the chemical bond formed between 2
amino acids during a condensation reaction.
· Substrate- a substance that is acted on or used by
another substance or process. It binds to the enzymes
active site.…read more

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General information about enzymes
· They are proteins
· From gcse there is an lock and key model of
how enzymes and substrate react
· A level tend to refer to induced fit model.
· Ie enzymes are like gloves, although they have
a specific shape like a glove, they are able to
fit around the substrate, like a glove stretches
to fit someones hand.…read more

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