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· Enzymes are:
Biological catalysts
Specific When an Substrate collides
· Enzymes have: with an Enzyme's active site;
Precise tertiary structure COMPLEX'S are formed and
Hydrophilic R's on the PRODUCST are released
Hydrophobic R's on the
Active sites…read more

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The Lock & Key Hypothesis
· The shape of the `active site' is complimentary
to the `substrate' molecule so:
· The substrate fits in to the active site and is
held closely.…read more

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Substrate hits
enzyme active
Enzyme now
ready for new
changes shape
Products now
different to
The Induced Fit Active site now
fits closely
shape of around
Hypothesis substrate
Held by
charged groups
strained…read more

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Competitive inhibitors
· Inhibitor competes for This means:
the same binding sites >The number of ESCs is
as the substrates. reduced
· Inhibitor is also >Reaction rate slows
complimentary shape But:
to the Enzyme's active > Is REVERSIBLE
site >If the no. of substrates
· Inhibitor + Enzyme = increases, the level of
Enzyme Inhibitor inhibition decreases
Complex…read more

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Non Competitive Inhibitors
· Inhibitor attaches This means:
to enzyme region >Tertiary structure
away from the is distorted
active site. >The active site
(In to alosteric site) changes shape
>No ESC's can form
>Reaction rate
>Is IRREVERSABLE…read more

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