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All enzymes are globular proteins and are generally soluble in water they act as catalysts by
speeding up the reaction but do not get used up themselves. Enzymes have a specific shape
called tertiary, all the amino acids in the enzymes work together to maintain the tertiary
structure. They…

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The Induced fit model
In enzymes when the substrate fits into the active site, the whole enzyme
changes shape slightly so that it can accommodate and hold the structure in the
right place to be broken down.

The activity of enzymes is affected by several factors:

Enzymes and Temperature

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Enzyme Concentration effects
As the concentration of enzymes is increased, more active sites become
That means more enzymesubstrate complexes form so more product is
formed and the rate of reaction is increased.
If the concentration increases further, all the active sites become occupied and
the reaction can not be…


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