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Additional science-AQA
BY:amina Giovanni…read more

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B2-4 Enzyme
· Enzymes are biological catalysts that have many functions
inside and outside the cells.
· Enzymes are protein molecules made up of long chains of
amino acids, these long chains are folded to produce a special
shape which enables other molecules to fit into the active site
of the enzyme.
· The shape of the enzyme is vital as it has a lock and key
mechanism and does not catalyse otherwise.
· Too high a temperature will change the enzyme shape ­it is
called being denatured.…read more

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· Some enzymes work outside the body
· A good example is the digestive system.
· The digestive enzymes are produced by
specialised cells in glands and in the
lining of the guts.…read more

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Where are they found?
· The enzyme amylase is produced in the salivary
glands, pancreas and the small intestine.
· Protease enzymes are produced by the stomach,
the pancreas and the small intestine. These
enzymes catalyse the breakdown of proteins into
amino acids.
· Lipase enzymes are produced by the pancreas and
lipids into fatty acids and glycerol in the small
intestine.…read more


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