Environmental and medical issues notes

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Environmental and medical issues
Key Words
Artificial insemination Injecting semen into the uterus by
artificial means
Conservation Protecting and preserving the natural
resources and the environment
Creation The act of creating the universe or the
universe which has been created
Embryo A fertilised egg in the first 8 weeks
after conception
The surroundings in which plants and
Environment animals live and on which they
depend on
Global Warming The increase in the temperature of the
earths atmosphere
Infertility Not being have to have children
Invitro fertilisation The method of fertilising a human egg
in a testtube
Natural resources Naturally occurring materials, such as
oil and fertile land which can be used
by humans
Organ donation Giving organs for transplant surgery
Stewardship Looking after something so it can be
passed on to the next generation
Surrogacy An arrangement whereby a women
bares a child on behalf of another

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Global warming
Global warming means that the atmosphere of the Earth is getting warmer
and this could mean that some town and cities near the sea could
disappear under water.
Most scientists think global warming is caused by people putting too
much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, but some think it is caused by
activity on the sun or by nature of Earth's climate.…read more

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Nuclear waste is going to be a problem for thousands of years as it
does not decay
The Scarcity of natural resources
Resources are a problem because those, which are nonrenewable such
as, oil, natural gas, and coal will disappear. This will lead to problems in
our lifestyle. However alternative methods of energy supplies could help
solve these problems.…read more

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Reduce pollution as they are God's Only government action can deal with
stewards problems like disposal of waste
It is only by being a good steward and Religion might change people's attitudes but
conserving the environment that a Christian it won't build an alternative energy
can become a good Christian producers such as wind farms
Show stewardship by working to share Recycling has to be based internationally
Earth's resources more fairly ­ help LEDCs which would be difficult to do by religion
Nature and importance…read more

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The nature and importance of transplant surgery
Transplant surgery is using healthy organs from a donor to replace a dying
organ in a patient. It is important because it can give life to dying people
and bring life out of death.…read more

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Some Christians only agree with Donating your organs to save lives
living transplants because using will result in good karma and may
dead people is `playing God'. lead to moksha
Some Christians believe that all Some Hindus do not allow
forms of transplant surgery are transplant surgery because they
wrong because it is `playing God'.…read more


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