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Climate change just
means we will have
great summer
weather in the UK...
Katie, Suzzie and Vicky…read more

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The Greenhouse Effect
The greenhouse effect is what keeps the
planet warm enough to allow life on earth.
It works because the earth gains energy from
the sun which travels through the
atmosphere. The energy the is bounced back
off the earths surface where it is trapped by
molecules in the atmosphere, which warms
up the planet.…read more

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Greenhouse Gases
There are a number of greenhouses gases in
the atmosphere which trap the energy from
Humans are pumping these gases into the air
at a rate faster than natural processes.
This table shows
the estimated UK
Date Carbon Methane Nitrous
emmisions of
dioxide oxide
greenhouse gases.
(million tones per 1990 590 4.9 2
year) 1995 549 4.3 0.17
2000 549 3.3 0.14
2005 557 2.4 0.13…read more

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As you can see from the table human emissions of
greenhouse gases are huge. This is due to the
burning of fossil fuels for
- car exhausts
Deforestation for timber
Increased demand for food
More developing countries
Better standards of living
The eradication of poverty
All these actions need fossil fuels to work and with
an increase in human population to an estimated 9
billion people the finite resource of fossil fuels is
being burnt at an increasing rate.…read more

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Why is this a problem?
An increase of
greenhouse gases means
that more energy is
trapped in the
atmosphere. This means
that the earth is warming
up and could cause major
problems all over the
world which are being
observed already. This
graph shows the
temperature increase of
the earth…read more

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To put it in
perspective...…read more

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