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What is entropy?
A measure of disorder.
It refers to:-
the arrangement of particles
The way energy is distributed among them…read more

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Change of state
Solid liquid gas
Increasing entropy
When a solid is heated its particles vibrate more.
When melting occurs the solid structure breaks down
leading to an increase in entropy.
When a liquid is heated, the energy of the particles
increases and at the boiling temperature the particles
break away from each other and there is a further
increase in entropy.…read more

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Chemical reactions
Ions and molecules usually have higher
entropies in solution than they do as solids.
If a gas is produced in a reaction, it is likely that
the overall entropy will increase.
When large molecules break down into smaller
molecules, entropy increases.
This is because there are more
ways of arranging several small
molecules than one big one.…read more

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CHANGE OF THE Ssys = Sproducts - Sreactants
OF THE Ssurr = -H/T Remember to multiply H by
1000 if it is in kJmol-1!!
ENTROPY Stotal = Ssys + Ssurr
CHANGE:…read more

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Spontaneous reactions
This is a reaction that tends to go without
being driven by any outside agency.
For a reaction to be spontaneous, Stotal must
be positive.…read more

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