Ensuring Quality & Safety

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Ensuring quality & safety of food products in the test kitchen
Quality Assurance
Quality assurance is the setting of a standard which the product has to meet. The required standards
are usually identified by the product development team and then written into the specification. It is
the food manufacturer's responsibility to ensure that the standards are maintained. It is here that
quality control is important.
Quality Control
Quality control means that the food manufacturer can set up the manufacturing process so that the
requirements of the standard are met and monitor the product during and at the end of manufacture
to ensure that these standards have in fact been maintained. See examples of quality control checks
Quality Control Checks Hygiene and Safety Checks
Thickness (mm). BIOLOGICAL reducing the risk for the growth of
Sizes of pieces e.g. use a 5cm cutter. food poisoning bacteria.
Oven temperature (°C). Personal hygiene of food handlers
Cooking times (mins). wash hands, wear protective clothing,
Weight in (g). hairnets, cover wounds with a blue
Volume (ml). plaster
Number e.g. place 1 cherry on top of Ensuring food is in date Check
each cake cherry bakewell. shelf life (best before/ use by)
Visual- ensure that the icing is evenly Temperature checks using s food probe
spread. during delivery, storage, preparation,
Consistency e.g. Rub in until the mixture cooking and holding
resembles breadcrumbs, crush biscuits Chilling 0-5°C
finely. Cooking core temperature 70°C
Colour- charts showing ideal/ Reheating at least 75°C
undercooked and overcooked. Hot holding 63°C or above
Taste- sensory attributes e.g. spicy, Food not at the correct temperature
level of sweetness. must be discarded within 2 hours.
Texture- sensory attributes e.g. creamy,
moist, crumbly.
PHYSICAL reducing the risk of foreign bodies
Metal detection (machinery parts)
Hair nets (hair)
Blue Plasters
CHEMICAL reducing the risk of chemicals
entering the product.
Rinsing all equipment

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