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Enquiry Skills…read more

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Enquiry Skills
Enquiry skills is 60% of a NAB
You will recognise it as it has an ES in
the margin
Always check for this so you know
what information to use…read more

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In all questions
Use both information from the source
and from your own recall
You must include at least 1 extended
point from your own recall
If you only have recall or repeat
information from the source you will
get a maximum of half marks…read more

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How useful questions
Include who wrote the source- author
When it was written- date, primary or
secondary source
What the source is e.g. speech,
newspaper etc.
What it tells us that's true
Limitations/ommissions of the source
Be sure to say how useful it is.…read more

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Comparing sources
When asked to compare sources you must:
Give an overall view e.g. Source A approves with
... but source B disapproves...
You may be asked how far do sources
You must give 2 examples of corroboration and
reach an overall view e.g. to a large extent they
agree, they completely agree etc.…read more

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"Describe" questions.
- Make one point for each mark
- Draw information from the source
- Add at least one point from your
own knowledge.…read more

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