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How do Blake and Wordsworth present the theme of God in their poems?
In the poems `The Tyger' by William Blake and `Composed upon Westminster Bridge' by
William Wordsworth the theme of god has been presented in a number of ways.
`The Tyger' by William Blake has a very simple structure and has been written in only six ballad
quatrains which are steady and regular like a heartbeat. The theme of God can be shown via
the structure as only God can give you life which must not be taken for granted and lived
slowly and steadily. Although the poem itself has a simple form it consists of many complex
ideas for example in the poem it says `What the hand dare seize the fire?'. This shows that
although it is a simple question it conjures up many ideas in peoples head about what God
is like and how could the same thing that created such an innocent Lmab create such a
dreadful Tyger.


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