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a film review example fr the unit 2 writing exam

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The Hangover Two Review
The Hangover Two is a great film for all comedy fans, The Hangover Two
was built up to be one of the best films this year and there is no doubt about
it, it defiantly was.
Brief Summary
The Hangover Two is set in the city of Bangkok, the film is about four friends
Phil, Stew, Doug and Alan who go there for Stew's wedding. As seen before
when those four are together things never go to plan. The night before the
wedding the four of them go out for a quiet drink but the bride insists they
take her little sixteen year old brother Teddy with them, so they do. When
they wake up the next morning they find themselves in a grotty old apartment
right in the centre of Bangkok with no sign of Teddy. They now set
themselves a mission to find him but there will be some shocks and horrors
guaranteed as he could be anywhere in Bangkok.
My Opinion
After watching the film, overall I think it was a hilarious film to watch. Soon
as it was announced that a second film was being made we all knew we
would be in for a treat, however the big question was is it going to be as
good as the first one? My answer to that is yes. I am glad to say the wolf
pack is back and better than ever, the layout and funny scenes of the film is
Who Is It Suitable For
This film is not for everyone, especially young children, the film has been
given a fifteen age rating for a reason, some of the jokes and scenes in the
film are not suitable or appropriate for young children. I would say this film
is aimed at 15 to 40 year olds therefore I would not recommend showing it
to anyone younger than fifteen.
My Final Persuasion
The hangover two is currently being shown in cinemas across the U.K at the
average price of five pounds. Later on in the year it will be available to
everyone on DVD for an estimated price of £15.00 in most retail stores. My
only word of advice is if you are planning to see this film make sure to take
some tissues in with you because I can guarantee you will be crying with
laughter by the end of it.


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