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I have uploaded a pdf sheet of some english terms, you could cut them out and play a pairs game or just visually revise for it.

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Adjacency A pattern of speech in
which one utterance is
A phrase that tells
us more about a
Pairs followed by an
appropriate linked noun. e.g red,
response. tall, boring.
A phrase that that
expresses actions,
A phrase that gives
us more information
Verbs states of being. A doing Adverbs about the verb. e.g
word. e.g plays, is, sweetly, early, really
The name given to a
thought, feeling, idea
This is a naming word. The name given to or concept.
It names someone or Concrete e.g happiness,
a physical object
Nouns something. e.g boy,
Nouns imagination, destiny.
Henry, Paris, lion. or thing. e.g car,
book, sausage,
Contrasting phrases to
Asyndetic A form of list, in Chaining
create a sense of
which there is no
Antithesis balance or opposition List conjunction.
between conflicting
ideas. e.g and, but, or.
The linking of a
series of adjacency
A form of list, in which pairs to build up a
Syndetic there is a conjunction.
A word which
stands in pace of
List e.g and, but, or. This Pronoun
can give an open-ended a noun. e.g he,
feel to the list. she, her, him.


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