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Bernard's Lullaby

The moonlight streaked through the open curtains and danced around the walls of the
bedroom. The open window caused the curtains to cast shadows over two figures. Anna's
soft, sweet voice cooed through the air. "Sleep well, dear sweet son of mine, for when dawn
breaks..." She brushed…

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"You look gorgeous tonight, Anna" Bernard whispered across the table as he held his wife's
soft, young hands. They had been married for six years, yet everyday was as fresh as the
first time they had laid eyes on each other.

"Do you think I should phone the baby sitter…

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certainly now. He looked for his mother who was on the floor by their table cowering like a
wounded animal. In a split second, he made a decision. He was used to being decisive.
Corporate law had made him this way. He looked at the two men by the till.…


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