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My english story I did in year 10 :)

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Bernard's Lullaby
The moonlight streaked through the open curtains and danced around the walls of the
bedroom. The open window caused the curtains to cast shadows over two figures. Anna's
soft, sweet voice cooed through the air. "Sleep well, dear sweet son of mine, for when dawn
breaks..." She brushed Tom's unruly hair out of his halfclosed eyes as his mouth broke out
into a yawn. The moonlight continued to light up Tom's face almost as if it were caressing his
cheeks as a mother caresses her child. The lullaby continued "...We'll rise and shine." Anna
closed the curtains and extinguished the moonlight as if snuffing out a candle. She tiptoed
from the room, taking one final glance at the only person she had left to live for Tom was
Anna's life.
* * *
"C'mon mother! It's getting late," Tom shouted. For Tom, as a successful corporate lawyer,
time was of the essence. He ran his life like a captain would run a ship, everything on time, in
the right place, with the right people. Tom had been waiting for Anna for twenty minutes
now and was pacing the lounge like a lion waiting for its prey. Ever since his father had died,
twelve years earlier, Tom saw his mother as his responsibility. Tonight, like every other year,
Tom was taking his mother for her annual birthday meal.
"I won't be long, give me five more minutes", came the watery reply. Tom knew that
something was wrong. He and his mother had always had a special bond with each other.
Each of them knew what the other was thinking, doing, feeling. He walked up the stairs, and
with each step, his heart was heavy with the pain of what had happened. As he walked into
Anna's bedroom, the air felt cold against his face, a sharp knife wound into his already
aching heart.
Anna was fully dressed and sitting on the edge of the bed holding the picture of the happiest
day of her life, her wedding. A picture of Tom, with his mop of auburn hair, sat on the
bedside cabinet looking back at her. The two men in her life that meant everything but one
was gone. Taken from her in an instant, on a night that had started off so happily but had
ended so tragically. Anna traced her fingers around Bernard's face in the picture as a salty
tear dropped from her already watery eyes.
Tom took charge as he always did. There was no room for emotion in his life. He had to be
the strong one. He had a responsibility, a duty.
"C'mon mother! The table is booked for eight and it's ten to now!" Anna dropped the
picture and was snapped out of her hypnotic state. She smiled at her boy, now a man,
standing before her. She was so proud of him. His father would be so proud of him too. She
dried her eyes, placed the picture lovingly back onto the cabinet and they both walked out
into the night.
The restaurant bustled with people as Tom and Anna walked in. Anna scanned the room,
her eyes darting from one person to another. She noticed that the restaurant was full of
couples, happy, excited and looking into each others' gaze. The waiter showed them to the
only table left, a table she had many times shared with Bernard, happier times.
* * *
Ahmad Moniri

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You look gorgeous tonight, Anna" Bernard whispered across the table as he held his wife's
soft, young hands. They had been married for six years, yet everyday was as fresh as the
first time they had laid eyes on each other.
"Do you think I should phone the baby sitter again and check on Tom?"
Bernard chuckled and shook his head, "No need, stop worrying, he will be fine. Let's just
enjoy this evening."
Anna smiled and relaxed.…read more

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He looked for his mother who was on the floor by their table cowering like a
wounded animal. In a split second, he made a decision. He was used to being decisive.
Corporate law had made him this way. He looked at the two men by the till. They had their
backs to him, so had the other man who was focused on his prey. Tom looked back at the
two men. Then back at the girl who was still crying.…read more


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