English Revision - Important quotes from Blake's 'Songs of Experience'

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Introduction ° `hear the voice of the bard!'
° `lapsed soul'
° `the morn rises from the slumberous mass'
° `turn away no more'
Earth's Answer ° `locks covered with grey despair'
° `break this heavy chain, that does freeze my bone around'
° `free love with bondage bound'
The Clod and the ° `love seeketh not itself to please...builds a heaven in hell's
Pebble despair'
° `'metres meet'
° `joys in another's loss of ease...builds a hell in heaven's
Holy Thursday ° `in a rich and fruitful land...'
° `it is a land of poverty!'
° `their ways are filled with thorns...it is eternal winter there'
The Chimney ° `little black thing among the snow'
Sweeper ° `[parents] taught me to sing the notes of woe'
° `god and his priest and king...make up a heaven of our
Nurse's Song ° `my face turns green and pale'
° `dews of night arise'
° `your spring and your day are wasted in play...your winter and
night in disguise.'
The Sick Rose ° `invisible worm, that flies in the night, in the howling storm'
° `found thy bed of crimson joy'
° `his dark secret love does thy life destroy'
The Fly ° `am I not, a fly like thee?'
° `I dance, and drink and sing, till some blind hand shall brush
my wing.'
° `want of thought is death'
The Angel ° `hid from him my heart's delight'
° `he took his wings and fled'
° `morn blushed rosy red'
° `armed my fear'
° `my angel came again, I was armed he came in vain'
° `time of youth was fled'
The Tiger ° `in what distant deeps or skies burnt the fire of thine eyes'

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What the hammer? What the chain? In what furnace was thy
° `did he who made the lamb make thee?'
° `what immortal hand or eye dare frame thy fearful symmetry?'
My Pretty Rose Tree ° `I passed the sweet flower o'er'
° `tend her by day and by night'
° `her thorns were my only delight'
Ah! Sunflower ° `seeking after that sweet golden clime, where the travellers
journey is done'
° `youth pined away with desire'
° `pale virgin shrouded in snow'…read more

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A Little Boy Lost ° `all admired the priestly care'
° `lo, what a fiend...one who sets reason up for judge'
° `bound him in an iron chain and burned him in a holy place'
° `are such things done on Albion's shore?'
A Little Girl Lost ° `sweet love! was thought a crime'
° `a youthful pair...…read more



A useful resource in recognising key quotes from each poem; the quotes have been identified and what they show and how they can be interpreted can now be analysed as part of your revision.

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