English: Poet Backgrounds: Niyi Ossundare [Not My Business]


Some contextual information on poet Niyi Ossundare.

Including this in your essays will help you achieve the higher grades as it shows you understand the influences on the poet and their personal circumstances!


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Poetry From Different Cultures

Not My Business
Niyi Osundare

THE POET Niyi Osundare Nigerian. Osundare was born in IkereEkiti,
within the Ekiti state of Nigeria, Africa. He is a prolific poet, dramatist
and literary critic. Osundare's passion for the English language is
reflected by his many degrees Bachelors, Masters and…

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Poetry From Different Cultures

disadvantage, everywhere you go then there is no other
way to write about this, in an attempt to change the situation
for the better."
Niyi Osundare

Luke Pattison,


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