English: Poet Backgrounds: Grace Nichols [Hurricane Hits England]


Some contextual information on poet Grace Nichols.

Including this in your essays will help you achieve the higher grades as it shows you understand the influences on the poet and their personal circumstances!


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Poetry From Different Cultures
Hurricane Hits England
Grace Nichols
THE POET Grace Nichols Guyanese. Nichols grew up within a small
village, on the Atlantic coast of Guyana, in the Caribbean. Guyana had
once been a British colony so English literature had surround Nichols
throughout her childhood. In the 1970's Nichols relocated to England.
She currently resides in Sussex.
THE POET'S INSPARATION In 1987, the southern coast of England was
hit by what was nicknamed `The Great Storm'. Hurricane force winds,
unheard of in England before, attacked the rural landscapes, especially
the trees. In the Caribbean, hurricanes were a thing of normality. `The
Great Storm' reminded Nichols of those hurricanes she had witnessed
back in her native Guyana.
OTHER CONTEXTUAL DETAILS Nichols worked as a teacher and journalist
during her life in Guyana. She is in a relationship with fellow Guyanese
poet John Agard.
"It seemed as though the voices of
the old gods were in the wind,
within the Sussex wind.
And for the first time, I felt close
to the English landscape in a way
that I hadn't earlier. It was as if the
Caribbean had come to England.
Grace Nichols
Luke Pattison,

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Poetry From Different Cultures
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