english paper one revision tips

just a few revision tips on facts and opinion and comparing texts.

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Fact and Opinion
In section A you will be asked to look for facts and opinions in the media texts that you are given. You
will have to differ between the two.
A fact is what can be proved if needed. There is always evidence to back up a fact
Opinion is someone's belief. People have different interpretations to others. Opinions cannot be
backed up.
The texts that you will be given in the exam will contain a mixture of facts and opinions you will have
to identify which ones are facts and which ones are opinions.
You need to write about purpose when you are writing about facts and opinions. You will have to
mention why the writer has included this particular fact or opinion. You can say that they are used to
support what the writer's topic and just think about why the writer has decided to add this in for the
reader to know!
Comparing texts
In comparing texts you just have to write about the first text and then write about the
second and after doing this you have to make the comparisons between the two.


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