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Media and Non Fiction
You may be asked to analyze a
newspaper or magazine article
here is some technical language
to help you to do this.…read more

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Presentational devices
Advertorial: An advertisement presented as though it is a piece of journalism. AKA
an advertising feature
Box out: A small part of a page, shaded in a different colour.
Caption: A description under a picture
Feature: An article written for the interest of a reader which may not have an
relevance to current news.
News in Brief: usually a news item told in a very short space say one column, 2
Puff: Small, usually colourful section on the front page that promotes features inside
the newspaper
Pugs: AKA ears- items placed at the top left hand corners of papers to catch the
reader's eye
Stand first: An introductory paragraph before the start of the feature. Sometimes it
may be bold
Strap line: An introductory headline above or below the headline.
Tag: a word or phrase used to engage the reader's interest in a story by categorizing
it e.g. "exclusive" or "sensational"…read more

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Upper class Skilled working class
A Top management, bankers,
C2 Skilled workers, trades people
lawyers, doctors, other
Middle class Woking class
B Middle management, teachers,
D Semi skilled and unskilled manual
many creative people e.g. graphic workers
Lower middle class People at the lowest level of
C1 Office supervisors, junior
E income
management, nurses, specialist Unemployed, students, pensioners,
clerical stuff casual workers…read more

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Broad sheet or Tabloid?
Broad sheet: is the largest of various newspaper formats and characterized by
long vertical pages. In some countries, especially Canada, UK, and USA, broadsheet
newspapers are commonly perceived to be more intellectual in content than their
tabloid counterparts, using their greater size to examine stories in more depth, while
carrying less sensationalist and celebrity material. The financial times, the daily
telegraph, The Sunday times. The guardian and the independent are technically no
longer broad sheets but can be referred to as compact broad sheets.
Tabloid: A tabloid is an industry term which refers to a smaller newspaper format;
to a weekly or semi-weekly alternative newspaper that focuses on local-interest
stories and entertainment, often distributed free of charge (often in a smaller, tabloid-
sized newspaper format); or to a newspaper that tends to emphasize sensational
crime stories, gossip columns repeating scandalous innuendos about the personal
lives of celebrities and sports stars, and other so-called "junk food news" (often in
a smaller, tabloid-sized newspaper format . The Daily Mirror, The People, The Star,
The Sun.…read more


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