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The play `'Macbeth'' is about witches and Lady Macbeth influencing Macbeth to kill the king. The play
was written in 1606 for James the 1st after the gun powder plot by Guy Fowkes. Shakespeare makes
Lady Macbeth like the fourth witch because he wanted to use her as a scapegoat…

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Another aspect in the play that Shakespeare has used is that the witches are frightening. We see this
when one of the witches says `'here I have a pilots thumb'' this shows that they are violent and have
probably killed the pilot to get his thumb or harmed him. Lady…

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Macbeth he isn't a coward. I think those quotes really show how she is trying to influence Macbeth
with the words and Language Shakespeare decided to use, such as `coward' and `pour my spirits' this
links back that she is the fourth witch because she is finishing the job the…

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s an unusual thing to do for woman in those days.


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