English Literature Poetry terms GCSE Dominos

Instructions for use:

1) Print off the sheet

2) Cut round the outside

3) Cut down the middle (thickist line)

4) Cut horizontally across so you end up with 28 cards, consisting of two boxes each

5) Mix them up and try and match them

6) They should all end up joining together

7) Time yourself when doing it- see if each time you get beat your time

TIP- to check you've got the right answers, look at the initial sheet- they match diagonally. I will put up a marksheet called

"English Literature Poetry terms GCSE Dominos Mark sheet" if needed.

Hope it helps :)

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A phrases that contradicts itself When a sentence runs over
as the words have meanings that A Metaphor from one line/stanza to the Caesura
don't fit together

Describing something by
saying it's something else
Where words close together
start with the same letter
A pause in a line Structure…

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