English Lit: Theme of identity in 'Spies'

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Theme of Identity in Spies
Stephen tries a cigarette for the 1st time- move towards the adult world
Mrs. Hayward asks him for help- lines between child and adult become
Kisses Barbara Berill ­ could be seen as a sexual awakening
"I'm leaving behind the old tunnels of childhood and stepping into a
new world of even darker tunnels and more elusive terrors" (pg178)
Description of Uncle Peter pg 75- makes him out to be godlike and war
hero. Shows it how easy it is to create an identity for someone.
"X"- makes Stephen uneasy as it does not fit into his world and it has o
logical explanation. Shows his age as he does not understand that the
symbol stands for periods
When Mrs. Hayward goes into Stephens den she is invading in the
childish world- this makes Stephen uncomfortable because it builds a
connection between them. By invading Stephens safe place, it makes him
realize it may not be a game anymore
Barbara tells Stephen that Aunty Dee has a boyfriend but Stephen
doesn't understands this- shows his innocence but Barbara helps him to
realize that it could be possible and sheds a new light on Mrs. Hayward
"The game is finally over"
"Keith's eyelids come down a little; one of his fathers expressions'=
starting to turn into his father
`We're at the end of the world here'= pg. 129- Keith and Stephen at the
end of their child world
`The games over because the normal has reached out to absorb the
Women expected to keep up appearances- Mrs. Hayward `she seemed
more perfect now than ever before'
"Her perfectly plucked eyebrows"
"You'll need to ask Daddy"- women did not make decisions, men did
Men are expected to be strong and unwavering
"Be a man and own up"
Barbara goes in the den in chapter 10 and tidies it up- typical role of a
woman in the 40's- reasserts the gender barrier that had dropped in
previous chapters
Old Stephen
Chapter 7- `so how much did Stephen understand at this point?"- 3rd
"Everything is as it was... and everything had changed"- constant
conflict. Stephens view of the same place has changed dramatically with
age and understating
Describes himself as "The undersized boy with teapot ears"- links back
to his sense of self which has not been resolved in his later years
"Undersized pensioner with the teapot ears"

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There it is again...the same sweetness...I'm a child again...and it
unsettles me as it always does"
"I have a feeling that something somewhere had been left unresolved"
"Far off, nearby."- close to the story but distances himself from it
"I walk up the road and back once more, a stranger who's beginning to
make himself a little more conspicuous"- a stranger to himself
"It seemed understood that somehow the problem had been solved and
that I needn't be tormented further.…read more


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