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Lennie Small
Lennie's character

Often childlike
Relies on George
Is too naïve and innocent to fit in with the
harshness of ranch life
He never learns from experience
He is animal like
Has a bear-like tendency to hold onto his prey and inflict damage unintentionally
His constant "petting" reveals a…

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"I was gonna smack him... an' then he was dead"

Paragraph Four ­ It isn't his fault, he is amoral and didn't mean to harm anyone

"I di'n't mean no harm, George"
"Why do you got to get killed?"
He doesn't understand how bad killing Curley's wife is, he thinks…

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3) To what extent is Lennie a sympathetic character whom we feel sorry for?

Okay, these are exactly the same as "how far" questions. You need to say that we do feel sorry for
Lennie, but also we don't. Here is what I would do:-

Paragraph one ­ He doesn't…


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