English Lit - "Of mice and men" - In depth analysis of Lennie

Everything you need to know about Lennie! Including some essay plans! Good luck in your exams guys **

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Lennie Small
Lennie's character
Often childlike
Relies on George
Is too naïve and innocent to fit in with the
harshness of ranch life
He never learns from experience
He is animal like
Has a bear-like tendency to hold onto his prey and inflict damage unintentionally
His constant "petting" reveals a deep-rooted emotional need for affection and love
Although many say Lennie is amoral, he is shown to have some moral understanding
Possible Essay Questions and their plans
For any question I would always advise to do THREE amazing paragraphs, than four average ones. But
don't make the mistake of verbally spewing all over your work! Most people will be amazingly
confident at one paragraph knowing hundreds of quotes, but spending so much time on one
paragraph, you forget about the others. So, for probably the hundredth time... TIME MANAGEMENT!
1) How far is his death Lennie's own fault?
First thing I would say to myself is to find every point in the novel where Lennie does something/ has
a main scene. So! You need at least four paragraphs, each with a different view on why Lennie's
death is his fault. HOWEVER, you need to remember that any question saying "how far", you need to
say the opposite e.g. Lennie's death ISN'T his fault because.... This is the breakdown of my essay
Paragraph one - Lennie's inability to learn, or remember things
"I forgot George"
"Like I done in weed?"
"I musta lost it"
"A lady used to give `em to me"
Paragraph two ­ Lennie's inability to fit into his society and doesn't stick up for himself
"It's mean here"
He "giggled happily" at the memory of "Weed"
"Lennie was still smiling with delight"
"Lennie looked helplessly at George"
"He damn near killed his partner bucking barely"
Paragraph three ­ He's reckless with his strength
"I pinched their heads a little and then they was dead"
"You've broke it pettin' it"
"Flopping like a fish on a line"
"Lennie had broken her neck"

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I was gonna smack him... an' then he was dead"
Paragraph Four ­ It isn't his fault, he is amoral and didn't mean to harm anyone
"I di'n't mean no harm, George"
"Why do you got to get killed?"
He doesn't understand how bad killing Curley's wife is, he thinks it is on the same scale as the
pup as he decides "I'll throw him away....…read more

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To what extent is Lennie a sympathetic character whom we feel sorry for?
Okay, these are exactly the same as "how far" questions. You need to say that we do feel sorry for
Lennie, but also we don't.…read more


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