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Section A - Reading
Spend 1 hour and 15 minutes reading in this section.
Read Text 1 - Answer question 1 (8 marks/12 minutes)
Read Text 2 - Answer question 2 (8 marks/12 minutes)
Read Text 3 - Answer question 3 (8 marks/12 minutes)

Section A: Reading
Four Questions:

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Main - give examples/ make points clearly (each paragraph), give personal opinion
Conclusion - end with a question, joke or go back to the anecdote
6) Arguing for or against a point of view - pick a side and stick with it, then pick your
audience and think about your…

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SimileA comparison (using like or as) e.g. he was as tall as a giant

MetaphorA comparison without using like or as: e.g. he was a giant

PunA play on words with two meanings: e.g. the fridge was cool


What does it mean?
Does it contain any literary…

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Power of three
Emotive language
Rhetorical questions
Say again (repeat to get point across)
Undermine opposing views
Direct address


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