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January 10th 2013
Exam Preparation
QUESTION 1…read more

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Question 1 (Information Retrieval) (8 Marks)
Read Content, making sure you understand it
Read the question, highlight and understand what they are asking
you to do
Pick 6/7/8 relevant pieces of information (referring to question)
(P) Write them out in your own words, proving you've understood
(E) Back up your point using evidence from the text (quote the
actual words you changed into your own words)
(E) Explain how the writers viewpoints and attitude backs it up
To achieve a Band…read more

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be normal, be perceptive and come up with perceptive, unique and
individual ideas, as long as you can back It up with evidence)
Explain the effects of the picture in detail-
Ensure you talk about the colours (E.G: The bright colours attract
attention as it is eye-catching. Furthermore they display the
themes of happiness and joy to the audience OR The pictures
colours contrast each other for dramatic effect...etc...)
Ensure you talk about photo location. (E.…read more

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Question 3 (8 Marks)
Inference question
Read and understand the text and question
Highlight the THOUGHTS AND FEELING of the people asked to you
in the question.
Explain what it suggests and explain what the word/phrase makes
you think?
E.G: To begin with James....... For Example......... This
suggests/shows..... The word/Phrase........ It makes me feel........ In
addition he feels........ Overall he/she/they give the impression
Infer, Interpret and Explain. (Summarise, Put it in your own words,
what does it mean/Suggest? Back it up with evidence.…read more

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Remember be perceptive in your explanation of effects, as long as
you can back it up with quotations or references.
Note, that both texts may use the same feature/device but it can
be used for different effect. Also vice-versa (a similarity and a
difference- 2 in 1)
Analyse, language devices and punctuation and line length....don't
talk about presentation though.…read more

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There is some simple steps that you need to follow to achieve maximum
marks in writing tasks. Firstly you need to know the key features of
each text-type as you'll have to write one.…read more

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Same features as an argument, except not balanced.
Choose one point of view, and back its case, only just mention
that there is opposing view
I am writing to.....
Body paragraphs
Sign off (ours sincerely, Yours faithfully)
Formal language
If to persuade use persuasive techniques (Emotive language,
Rhetorical questions)
Third person
Include facts
Chronological order
Important dates
D.O.B/D.O.…read more

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Adjectives- loads of description (similes, alliteration,
personification, metaphors...etc.)
Introduction, Build-Up, Climax, Resolution, Ending
Engage the reader with use of vocab and punctuation
Vary line length- short sentences for dramatic effect
What is the text-type?
What are the features of your text-types?
What is the Purpose?
Who is your audience?
Answer all of those at the begging, make a plan, start writing KEEPING
IN MIND all of these are answered.…read more

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Uses a variety of structural features (E.GF: Different
paragraph/line lengths, dialogue, bullet points)
Present complex ideas in a coherent way
To achieve a Band 4 (5-6 Marks)
Use Complex grammatical structures and punctuation with success
Organise writing using sentence demarcation accurately
Employ a variety of sentences to produce effect (short and long)
Show accuracy in spelling words from an ambitious vocabulary
Uses standard English consistently
Question 6 (24 Marks)
This question gives you 16 marks for Communication and Organisation.…read more



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