English Language Exam Revision

Doccument consisting of everything you must include for each individual question for the GCSE Engish Language Exam paper

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Question 1
First say what the article is about, then a paragraph generalising the article
Quotations within your writing
Analyse individual words
State the obvious but still interpret the text
Say what the facts and statics mean or show e.g. shock the reader
Distinguish between facts and opinions (some opinions are masked as facts)
Words/phrases to use:
`I have understood that'
`This makes me wonder'
`This article has revealed'
Question 2
Colour of the image
Connotations of image
`Second meaning' of words in headline
Powerful image/headline because of...
Interpret the text
Look for ALL details in the image
Link both to specific words in text
Analyse individual words
Words/phrases to use:
Links, associates, correlates, relates
`This connotes the idea /makes me think of'
`This helps the reader understand that'
Question 3
Synonyms for emotions
Write in chronological order
Twist of emotion at the end
Analyse individual emotions
Words/phrases to use:
`On the contrary/in contrast to that'
`His/her feelings began to change when'
`Reflective of the relationship between'
Synonyms for these:
Happy ­ Sad ­ Angry ­ Excited ­ Calm ­ Surprised ­ Curiosity

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Question 4
State the type of text, the target audience and the purpose of both texts
and how they relate to once another ­ contrast or relate
Kind of effects - create shock,
Analyse consonants
Pace of the pieces based on use of letters
How the language affects you (but don't refer to `myself' specifically)
Conclude by stating the purpose of both texts and the techniques that each
source uses, that you already described
Words/phrases to use:
`Playful language'
Question 5
Describe…read more


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