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Language change Glossary
The bold and underlined words are the ones that are crucial to language change

Accent ­ The distinctive way a speaker from a particular region pronounces words

Acronym ­ a new word made from the initial letters of all the words in a name or
phrase e.g.…

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Ellipsis ­ when part of a grammatical structure is left out of a sentence without
affecting he meaning (words are missed out of sentences)

Euphemism ­ a word or phrase used as a substitute for harsher or more unpleasant
sounding words

Hedging ­ word choices that show uncertainty in…

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Pejoration ­ when a word develops a more negative meaning over time

Phatic language ­ expressions that have social functions rather than serious meaning
e.g. hello

Political correctness ­ avoid using language or ideas that might be offensive about
members of a particular group

Prescriptivism ­ the attitude that language…


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