English Language AQA B Child Language Acquisition Writing Essays

What to look for in examples of child language

"Mastering Advanced Level English" by Sarah Thorne

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Age Lexis Pronunciation Grammar Conversation Context
6 months ­ 1 Is the child using Are there examples Are single words Does the parent Do the utterances
year reduplicated sound of cooing? Are there used to represent use exaggerated seem to be
patters ("babbling") reduplicated a grammatically intonation patterns related to the
to represent sounds? complete to attract and hold context?
meaningful words? utterance? the child's Are there
attention? examples of
between the
parent and child?
1 year ­ 1.5 Are there any Is the pronunciation Are there any Is there a variation Does the adult
years single-word of holophrastic grammatical in intonation? take the role of
utterance used to utterances sequences in the initiating and
name things idiosyncratic? rhythmic units? sustaining
directly related to conversation?
the child? Are there examples
Are there any of negatives?
examples of
Are there any
examples of social
expressions that
are typical of the
child's cultural
1.5 years ­ 2 Are there any Are there any Are there any Is there any Is the context
years examples of a wider examples of words grammatical evidence that the crucial to the
range of vocabulary that are shortened sequences in the child is taking part understanding of
reflecting the by dropping rhythmic units? in real any of the
child's growing unstressed conversations utterances?
understanding of syllables? Are there examples despite the fact
the world? Are consonant of negatives? that utterances are Is the child
clusters avoided? still grammatically experimenting
Are words incomplete? with turn-taking?
Are any velars or
fricatives replaced?
2 ­ 3 years Does any of the Has the child Has telegraphic Does the child use Is the chid more
lexis relate to standardised the speech been rising intonation to actively involved
familiar stories or plosives? The replaced with more mark questions? in conversations?
the child's personal bilabial nasal? The sophisticated Are any key words Is the child skilful
experience? Is voiceless glottal sentence stressed? in controlling
there any evidence fricative? structures? Do pauses mark the turn-taking?
of the child's Are some of the Are inflections now end of Are responses to
growing word consonantal sounds used standardly? grammatically other speakers
stock? still immature? Are contractions complete appropriate?
Are pronunciations use? utterances? Is the register
now closer to adult altered for
forms? different
audiences and
Is there any
evidence that
breakdowns in
are repaired? ­ is
there repetition

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