English exam practice questions

A few exam practice questions that you can do to practice!

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Practice with the following example of a Section B set of questions.
1 Write a speech to be delivered to a group of senior
teachers arguingthat school rules should be relaxed to allow
students more freedom.
2 Design a leaflet which persuades people to join a club or
society which you run.
3 Write a speech for a Year 11 assembly which clearly advises
your listeners on how to revise effectively for their exams.
4 Write a magazine article for a young persons' magazine
which argues the case for young offenders to be punished more
5 Write a letter to a local business which aims to persuade them
to sponsor a local youth football team of which you are a member.
6 Write an advice leaflet on how to look after a particular pet.
Some words which may be useful when structuring an argument:
In addition
On the one hand
On the other hand
In conclusion


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