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Charles II 1660-1667

Esther Lang

Date Event Comment
1660 Monarchy and church of England

Cromwell, Ireton and Bradshaw All of them were dead already, it was symbolic. Dug up and
executed. executed. Also executed a few surviving MPs who had signed
Charles I death warrant. Others went into exile.…

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Charles II 1660-1667

Esther Lang

Henry Vane and John Lambert were put They were old Parliamentary generals (but refused to be part
on trial. Lambert had tried to raise a of Charles I execution) and refused to accept new King. Vane
rebellion in 1660. executed. Lambert spent the rest of…

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Charles II 1660-1667

Esther Lang

The Declaration of Breda contained no specific promises meaning that Charles was free to do a lot of what he
wanted. Carried out the punishment of those who signed his father's death warrant. But failed to always
bring religious toleration.
There were pockets of the…


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